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Sacred Precincts of Indrayani

Sant Tukaram Information in English the fortune of ‘Indrayani’ is very great in the sacred rivers of Maharashtra. It originates in Lonavala and flows for forty one miles and joins the Bhima. But in her small form she has absorbed all the glory of the cultural life of Maharashtra. The dharmakirtan of Gautama Buddha, who preached the philosophy of universal compassion to the world in ancient times, kept echoing in the viharas and mountain caves of Karle and Bhaje near her. Alandi is the Sanatan of Maharashtrians on its banks

A place of pilgrimage. It was famous as a Shaivapeeth in ancient times How many Shiva devotees must have experienced the glory of Advayananda in Tapobhumi It is better to imagine it. Seven hundred years ago in this holy land The born Gyandevs told the meaning of the song with their talent And Katana Pragya won the hearts of only Maharashtrians till date.

Dehu is a village on its own holy shore. The village is very small. The mountain Bhamnath on its right has a habit of mysteriously mingling with the infinite sky since very ancient times, there is a beautiful temple of Panduranga in this village.Rakhumabai stands gracefully beside Panduranga, resting on the Kar Katavari.

In front of the temple, the Nayanmanohar Indrayani is seen flowing. Siddheshwar, Ganarai, Maruti and Bhairav are proven to protect the village.

Three hundred years ago, a Marathamola saint was born in this holy village. His name is Tukaram Maharaj Tukoba describes his village with a heavy heart and says Dhanny Dehu Village is a place of Punyabhoomi. There is Nande Dev Pandurang. Blessed are the people of the region, they belong to God. Pronounce the name. Cancer is the birth of the universe. Wamangi to Mata Rakhumabai. Garuda pari standing jodonia kar. Uttaramukh in front of Ashwattha. South Shankar Linga Hareshwar. Sobhe Gangatir Indrayani. Forest of Lakshminarayan Ballala. Siddheshwar is established there.

Outside the Vighnaraj gates. Hanuman and two neighbors. Born in this sacred area, Tukobaraya sang his abhang-vaani and won the hearts of all Maharashtrians.

Sant tukaram birth and childhood

Sant tukaram photo

Sant tukaram photo
Sant tukaram photo

Bolhoba was a great Salas and a generous hearted man. His wife’s name was ‘Kanakai’. Both husband and wife were worshipers of Vitthala. Vitthal was not only worshipped, but his behavior and thoughts were also pure. This family had earned a reputation for its hard-earned farming, honest trade, generous and selfless philanthropy. Why can’t such ‘pure seeds produce juicy gomti’? The first fruit that came to the world of these two husband and wife is ‘Savji’. The house rejoiced with Savaji’s entry. Faith in Vitthal-Bhakti was broken. People started looking at it as the house of a devotee. Harikirtana became dense in the house and bhajans began to rise. Another flower appeared on the samsaraveli of such a devotee of God. Happiness is not in the sky. When this second child was born, all of Nach Kankai’s thoughts were diverted from the world to devotion to God. It cannot be said to be a mere coincidence that a great ‘Bhagavad Bhakta’ should be born in the womb of a husband and wife living with such aversion. The baby was named ‘Tukaram’.

There are many differences among the learned researchers about the birth age of Tukaram. The unmistakable support given by the biographer Mahipati, the tradition told by the saints, the tradition told by the descendants of Tukaram, Niriyanakali Considering the overall state of Tukarama’s world, his birth year is 1530, i.e. S. 1608 is the same.

Bal Tukaram’s childhood passed in great happiness. Go to the farm. Twelve years of age passed happily in such a clean and innocent environment, having riotous fun with the cowherd boys, taking a dip in the river water. In his childhood, Tukaram played a lot of games like witidandu, balla, lago-ya, hamama, humbri, hututu, atyapatya etc. with his family and that is why he got the strength to withstand the shocks of the society in later life.

Just as Tukaram played games with his family members, he recited Abhangs of Namdevati saints with great interest. This child Tukarama, who used to sit attentively during Hari-Kirtans and Bhajani Fads at home, was followed by many abhangs. In this way, taking cows and buffaloes to graze in the wilderness, playing various games in the presence of nature, chanting Abhang with great passion, and spending his childhood in Shidori Khan together with his family members, he had gained a kind of innocence in his heart.

Tukarama must have enjoyed a lot of maternal and paternal love in his childhood. Stomach ale baby. Tukob, who goes on to say that he should know it, must have had the same experience from his parents in his childhood and this there is a lot of room to say that Premsukh may have given his children. Their hearts are seen to be very tender when it comes to motherly love and filial love. They feel that the visit of My-Baal is Sukh Sukh Bheto Ale.

Marriage and universe

Sant tukaram information

Since childhood, Tukaram’s name Vitthal was engrained in his mind and rooted downwards. It was natural that the Bhagwat Granth also affected his somewhat introverted mind. It was in this religious ritual that took place in his childhood that his life took an extraordinary turn; And he proved himself to be ‘the dark hero of Vitthala’ by experiencing the night and day battle’, must be the origin. Vitthal had become his life-everything, a strong place of faith. And because of this, they had acquired the alchemy of not allowing their minds to get dirty even in the worldly life, because of the rituals they had in their married life.

In those days, it was customary to get married when a boy was twelve or fourteen years old. Kankai married his beloved son sant tukaramat the age of twelve! His wife’s name was Rakhumabai. Savaji’s marriage was over before that. But his mind was never in the world. His passion was for pilgrimage. And so all Kankai’s hopes were tied to Tukaram. Her hope is that after her, sant tukaram and his wife will pull the chariot of the world together. But it was a disappointment. Another Sunbai – Tukob’s wife is said to have asthma it soon became known. How will this damekari boy cope with the phenomenon of so many people who have come and gone? And so sant tukaram arranged a second marriage with Appaji Gulve, a rich moneylender’s daughter of Khed village near Pune. Her maiden name was Avdi’ and her father-in-law’s name was Jija.

Savaji’s mind was now decidedly drawn towards the pilgrimage. One day, Bolhoba asked Savaji to take care of his affairs. But Savaji flatly refused and said that he would go on a pilgrimage soon. Seeing his gloomy behavior till now and today’s determination, Bolhoba finally put all the responsibility of the universe on Tuka-Rama.

Completely free from worldly temptations

Tukaram was now living in desperation. On the second day, he collected all the documents, mortgages, purchase deeds, mortgages. They want to protect who will give what in this drought. She started to immerse herself in all the indrayani. But Kanhoba had hope. Time will improve today or tomorrow. At that time they will be used for recovery. So he took possession of half the bundle of documents as his half share. The sant tukaram offered the remaining half of the bundle to Indrayani and they were freed from this transaction forever People started saying maliciously now it has become a Jogi, it has become a Fakir. Yes, isn’t it? Now a good facility for begging has been provided.

It has already been said that there was wisdom and thought in Tukaram’s mind. They wanted to solve the complex problems of life through rationality, to search for the eternal principle. For that, it was necessary to get rid of temptation first, so they first gave up on money-lending businesses like moneylenders. All our worldly hopes and aspirations were purposefully abandoned by him. Now he had to earn enough for his stomach by his own efforts and spend all the rest of his time in Paramatmasadhan.


sant tukaram information in english

The goal of Tukaram’s life was to become divine, to achieve non-dualism. For that, they had started walking leaving the water behind. His will was strong, his conscience was strong, and his faith in morality was strong. But in altruism, there is an urgent need for a mentor like Sadhguru, who removes all obstacles in the seeker’s path and shows the way to the light, who gives patience with the compassion of a mother. He knew ‘Guruveen Vidya Kaichi’. But Sadhguru had not met him yet. Relying on his conscientious devotion, he had started to attack his way, but there was a doubt in his mind that Sadhguru would lead him astray. He also knew how difficult the path was. Because of this, he realized the unique position of Sadhguru in the path of altruism. But according to the promise that Hari is the giver of true resolution, Tukaram soon got Gurupadesh. He himself says about this

Sadgururaye Krupa maj Keli pari nahi ghadi seva kahi sapadvile vate jata gangasnan mastaki to Jana thevila kar bhojna magti tup pavshere padla visar swapna Mazi kahi kale upjla antrai manoniya kay twara jali raghavchaitanya keshavchaitanya sangitli khun malikechi.Babaji said the name. Ramakrishnahari gave the mantra. Magh Pure Dashami Pahuni Thursday. What right did you say?

Due to this, Sadguru Babaji came to Tukaramans in a dream and gave him a Gurupadesh and chanted the mantra ‘Ramakrishna Hari’. This happened on Bach Shuddha Dashami on Thursday when Indrayi was going to bath in a dream. The Guru told Raghavchaitanya Kesavachetanya as his guruparampara. In a dream, Pavsher asked Sadhguru for ghee for food, but forgot about it in Tukaram, because of his sudden interruption in Sadhguru-service, he immediately absorbed it. However, knowing Tukoba’s ‘feeling of mind’, he recited his favorite mantra, and getting this left-shaped taru in his hands gave him confidence to cross the Bhavasindhu. Tukob says that the date of Gurupadesh comes in Sake 1561,

There are many disagreements among the scholars as there is no reliable information about the guru tradition of Raghavchetanya-Kesavachetanya-Babaji Chetanya-sant tukaram- mentioned by sant tukaram. The traditions given by Tukaram-disciple Bahinabai, disciple Niloba, Mahipati Bova and Bahinabai-disciple Deen Kavi prove beyond doubt that Raghavachetanya, Keshav Chaitanya and Babaji were three different persons. Bahinabai has given the tradition of Dnyaneshwar-Sachchidananda Baba-Vishwambhar-Raghavachaitanya-Kesavachetanya-Babaji-Tukaram. But it is not possible to say with certainty who is Sachidananda Baba and Vishwambhar among them. Diu Kavi has told the same tradition. But Niloba tells the tradition of Maha-Vishnu-Hans (Brahma)-Narada-Vyasa-Raghavachetanya-Kesanchaitanya-Babajichannanya-Tuka-Nila. One thing is indisputable that the tradition (up to sant tukaram) from Raghava Chaitanya onwards.

Everyone has said the same. Considering this mainly, the researcher of Tukaram Charitra, Mr. Lad associates this tradition with Chaitanya Prabhu of Bengal. But the question arises that why the name of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the originator of this tradition, did not appear in the beginning? Chaitanya Prabhu had come to Pandharpura in Maharashtra between 1432 and 34 CE. But do Raghav and Keshav break in their Maharashtrian traditions? If so, who exactly? All this remains ambiguous, however, it is an indisputable fact that Babajichatany gave Tukobas the mantra ‘Ram-Krishna-Hari’ of his ‘favorite’ following the tradition of Vitthal-Bhaktis in his clan.

Struggle with God

Even after doing so much, Tukoba’s heart was upset seeing that the Lord was not meeting him. Now there is no one left to do even that thing for the attainment of God. But seeing that the Lord was not pleased with them, they decided to raise a claim with the Lord. Maat- Bhakti. All forms of devotion like paternal devotion, sakhya bhakti, dasya bhakti etc. were practiced. But God stayed away like Nishthura! Urged to join hands with this cruel god, sant tukaram now started quarreling with the Lord. The tribulations experienced by Tukaram while introspection and self-examination for self-purification in Paramartha-sadhana, as well as while struggling with the Lord, can be said to be his inner struggle. Seeing that sant tukaram was not having God’s sight, he began to speak to God himself; He began to speak sarcastically-

God, you do not accept me, so both your godliness and my devotion seemed to be insulted by the birds. You and your name are all in vain. You beggar and we are clueless, now we know. ‘Samarthas nai upkarasmarana’ has finally come true, even though you are heartbroken, you cannot hear my throat blast. Because you forgot that you got deity from us devotees. The fame of your Odra is false, and I am now ashamed to call you a slave.

God, I know your feelings now. You are taking my service by deceiving me. But ‘the voice of the caste is the pot of the stomach. Don’t knock in front of me. As long as your existence How can I dance with the joy of devotion until I feel the Pratyanna? God, to whom are you going to preserve this wealth of self? Our longing will destroy you. Even though you are my father, you will need this breath. Now I won’t leave anything else to say. If you don’t fulfill my hope, I won’t even take your name. I will drown all your clan.

God, but remember that because of the fallen we have become gods, else who would have asked you formless? Have you forgotten that it is We who have brought you divinity? God, I’ve caught you in a blind salad trap. But ‘Rudichach Khodi’ has caught you. My indulgences have kept you away from me. You have no power over the universe. That means ‘Distosi Vyad Panduranga’ now wrap your godliness. You have taken the debt of my devotion and your feet are pledged to me. ‘Prem interest dei Hari. Make my account quick’ I will not leave my money. For that you have written the letter of your name and Gururaja has witnessed it.

In this way, Tukoba began to hinder God in the language of loan sharks. It was a fairy tale of solutions. There was a kind of inner love in this quarrel. It was a fight for love. They purposefully carried this love affair to such an extreme that they began to speak harshly to God in emergency language and finally bathed in His name as if my God was dead to me.

All this was happening due to Panduranga’s infinite love. Antri’s overflowing love was being expressed through this fight and conflict. This is called Pritikalah. The feeling of ‘roshe prem duntrate’ is hidden behind it. And so Tukoba finally says, Even if we Ladiwal youths do this in succession, don’t be angry with me, my father. At the end, you say, Always on your feet. Mastak Govida Aso Sada.

We go to our villages amanitva, Vairagya and Videhavastha were the essence of Tukaram’s personality. He performed his religious work by giving the world an unbroken letter in which the spiritual glory of the welfare of the world is stored. the moment his mind, freed from apathy, was experiencing liberation. Me Tu Pana’s ghata was broken – Bhulm Ghatakash and Patakash merged and Tukoba was now experiencing that state of videsha. No rebirth, no redeath. Even if we sowed the plant, the plant would not grow. The seeds were also burned. We do not have birth and death,’ Sakrecha Nohe Oons. We smell like a fetus. Now there was joy everywhere.

This longing, this excitement was over now. Now Mahera had its origin. Now we were happy to go to our own home. He was receiving many omens from this house. They were waiting for someone to bring a message to them. And now this Mahervashini who had spent her life waiting had received a message from Vaikuntha and they began to feel that they were coming from Vaikuntha.

He had just turned forty. And yet Tukob’s body was tired, worn out. Suffered the blows of Sanya. like a hero Suffered poverty. Suffered the brunt of starvation. While doing all these efforts for Dharmarakshaya, the body became weak. How will they support in such a situation? And who wanted this support? Because their physicality had always been lost. Who cares about the body. The ceremony of his death was seen with his own eyes. We had brought our art to you. Then how can we die? Does a person die twice? No. You will not die. For us justice will come from Vaikuntha, death requires flesh for justice. Where is the body? So who will he take? Do I have the power to judge death? Only Hari, the Conch Chakra Padma Dhari, will come to judge me. See that divine light has appeared. Devotees, do not detain me for long now. I must go.

I want to go. You have loved me so much. Showed greed. How will I get off? I gave you love. God gave you devotion. I have nothing to give now. Don’t involve me now in the snare of maya. ‘Increasing greed will cause delay and anger from there. Settle the mind. Say goodbye to me and return to your home.

People, I would have said more than before. But don’t forget that our relationship was bittersweet. I’m sorry, sorry! I am called from there, I see my Lord before me.

We are going, please give me my request. Baba was now swaying on the waves of the ocean of joy. He lost consciousness. All they could see now was Srihari. The congregation cheered. The world seemed to be drowned in the sound of tala, mridung, chipalayas and cheers. Tukoba was now standing quietly with folded hands addressing the devotees.

Devotees were dancing. was cheering. The ages were blurred. No one knew anything. The whole atmosphere had become tense. Savala Hari had come to judge Tukoba, all the people were meeting each other. It was the Tukobas who had taught people to look at people, and now the Tukobas were being visited by Srihari in person and met by Urauri.

And while watching, Hari disappeared. Tukoba, who turned green, disappeared! They went to Sadeh Vaikuntha! Shaka 1571 Antiki Naam Samvatsare Shimdha Vadya, Dwitiya, Monday is the end day of his incarnation.

Sant tukaram death date

Sant tukaram death was 19 March 1650, in Dehu.

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