Sant Dnyaneshwar Information in English 

What is the Sant dnyaneshwar father name?

Vitthalpant kulkarni.

Sant dnyaneshwar full name

Dnyaneshwar Vitthal Kulkarni

Information about Vitthalpant kulkarni

Sant Dnyaneshwar Information in English – This is a story from a long time ago, about six to seven hundred years ago. But great fun, just as much real wonder. Everyone will be surprised.

A gentleman named Vitthalpant lived in Apegawa. His last name is Kulkarni. It was the homeland of the village. Land money was being received; Divide the house expenses in it. The people of the house were living happily.

Vitthal was worshiped at Vitthalpant’s house. Everything was colored in the devotion of Pandharinath. His father-in-law used to go to Pandharpur too. They used to take darshan of Panduranga. They used to come home and enjoy the world again. Vitthalpant became fifteen-sixteen years old and got married to the daughter of Siddhopant of Alandi. And this couple started living happily. Vitthalpant’s wife’s name was Rukminidevi. She soon settled in this new house. Started doing housework. Mother-in-law started helping. All the preparations started for the worship of the father-in-law. Everyone in the house started liking her.

The days were ending. Vitthalpant’s study of Vedas was going on. Whatever Guruji would say, he continued to recite it. He shows the recited part to Guruji. There was no mistake in that. Guruji complimented him and praised him.

This sequence continued for a few years. But Vitthalpant’s attention was not at home. He did not talk much with Rukmini either. The wife asked, they didn’t say anything to her either. Panduranga chanting in free time. and one day very suddenly they left the house.

Left home, and went straight to Kashi. There he met the great Ramanand Swami. Greeted them. He stood with folded hands, I have come with sannyas! Will stay here as your disciple. It is a prayer that it will be fulfilled. He folded his hands and humbly said to Swami.

Swami questioned the young man further. Swami was impressed by his stylish intellect, handsome face, sweet speech and calm demeanor. He kept him in his ashram. Vitthalpant was satisfied.

Vitthalpant now started living in Kashi. He forgot all the memories of home. Along with other disciples, he also started studying the next Veda. He was absorbed in the new environment and new colleagues.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Photo

sant dnyaneshwar photo
sant dnyaneshwar photo

Alandi again

sant gyaneshwar – Rukminibai did not know where Vitthalpant went from Apegaon. She stayed there for some days. But his mind did not rest there. There is no peace in the house. Finally she returned to Alandi. Lived with father.

Wake up early every morning, go to Indrayani, wash your body the order was to go up, see Siddheshwar and circumambulate the neighboring Pimpla.some other women also come to circumambulate Pimpala. Everyone had goods in their hands. After each round is completed, one bead of the garland is pulled. She used to enjoy doing her work in a relaxed manner. Circulation work continued till afternoon. After that, it was a regular program to come home, have dinner, take rest, if there is any program in Siddheshwar’s temple, go there and watch it. as usual, the women came to Pimpal. Before him, a bright righteous man had come and sat on that step.some kind of chanting was going on with the mouth. Some Suvasini saw them. He went four steps forward and saluted that righteous man.

If Satpurusha blesses someone with Sukhi Bhava someone was blessed with Ayushyaman Bhava. Rukmini also saluted him. He bestowed upon her the blessing of Putravati Bhava. Rukmini Matkan, deeply moved, took her seat, her eyes filled with tears. Throughout the encounter, he remained silent, not speaking a single word. Swami knows nothing! He said, Baby, why. do you cry what is your sorrow Say it with an open mind. Rukmini wiped her eyes. Sadness subsided and she started telling Swami

Maharaj, my husband has left me and gone away. I don’t know about him at all. I am alone here. Lives here with father. You blessed me. How will I see its fruit? what do i do where to go I have no idea I think I should give life to Indrayani, and be free After saying this, she started crying again. Then Swami said with great compassion, Don’t do such madness! Will you tell me your husband’s name?

‘His name is Vitthalpant’. She replied to Swami only by Khalman.Would you give me another description of him?’ Swami asked. Rukmini briefly gave that information to Swami. Other women also heard her. One anxiously asked, ‘Swami, will your blessings bear fruit in this life or the next? Swami calmly said, Wait for some time, what will happen will be seen automatically! Then Swami said to Rukminibai, Daughter, stop worrying. By the grace of Siddheshwar, you will find complete satisfaction. Have faith.

This Swami means Ramanand Swami of Kashi! He had come on a pilgrimage to the south. Vitthal studied as a disciple in his ashram. They were convinced that he must be the husband of this sad woman.

The lady was reassured. They came back to Kashi after seeing the next area. Thoughts were haunting me. But as soon as they came, they didn’t talk to anyone. For a day or two his mind went on like restlessness and then?

Swami’s anger

sant dnyaneshwar maharaj It was morning time. All the disciples had gathered to take the next lesson. Swami had also come after finishing the worship. But they didn’t look as happy as usual. He was sitting in peace. All were looking at the disciples. No one knew anything.

Swami said in a hoarse voice, ‘Vitthal, will you give the real answers to the questions I have asked? I know the whole thing behind now, so I’m asking, just to be sure!’ Yes sir! I will answer your questions properly! when you came here, you said that you came with Sannyas. Did you take your wife’s permission before taking it? You came here without telling her! You lied to me. Isn’t taking Sannyas without wife’s permission against Shastra? You lied to me!

Swami Maharaj, isn’t sannyasa to give up all worldly attachments, to be free from them forever? I have no temptation anymore. I am freed.’ Vitthalpant said. Swami angrily said, ‘It is not said in the scriptures. Your logic and basis in the book are different. I consider Aadhaar to be the best.’

Vitthal’s mouth was closed. He was wet. Was looking at Swami. No words came out of the mouth. Other fellow disciples were looking at him. Vitthal was sitting with his neck down. Finally he said, ‘Swami, I am wrong, but what should I do now? Go home and live The Sannyasa has started the world again, so everyone will mock me.

It has to be tolerated for some days. It will be a test. The next sunlight will dispel the darkness of all. The first thought of the wife’s suffering, others later! Then do as I say. The children you two are going to have will light up the world! He will surprise everyone with his own wisdom. All the saints will be adorned. Believe me, these are my blessings! I want to leave here tomorrow and go to Alandi. Your wife is waiting for you there. Thank God. Satisfy her. give happiness Let go of thoughts that are not in your mind. Your wife is from Alandi. Rose is circling the golden pimple. She will see golden days.

Golden day

Vitthalpant came home after saying goodbye to Guruji. Met everyone. Rukminibai was very happy. Circling the golden pimple was worth it.some people started openly criticizing Vitthalrao.This monk is corrupt. Dharmawoodya is. He has come to live again. This is iniquity. Do not associate with him, he is a sinner. Everyone should keep him away Visova of Alandi was the leader against this. He kept saying this to everyone. Visoba was evil by nature.

Vitthalpant knew the mood of people. They were listening to their blasphemy. Didn’t talk much to anyone. They lived by begging in the village. Vidyadharpant, the local resident who gave him patience in that dire situation and one or two of his close friends! But they never hurt them.

The people of the village were constantly suffering. Vitthalpant built a hut outside the village. He and his wife started living in that hut. There was no bathing facility. Visova had given breath to the people of the village. Do not give anything to this Sannyasa. Boycott him. Don’t even take his shadow.Vidyadharpant would not beg for this threat of Visoba. He used to meet Vitthal Pant. Listening to their problems. Trying to get rid of it.

The alms from the village stopped. Vitthalpant wakes up early in the morning. Snansandhya, worshiping God. Later regularly visiting Siddheshwar. Going to the nearest village. Returning there begging for alms. Rukminibai prepared lunch. Both eat whatever is available and are satisfied with it.Vitthalpant took some rest in the afternoon and used to read. His wife was listening to all this. The whole day would end with sitting outside the hut in the evening and looking into the distance.

God’s grace

Both Vitthalpant and Rukminibai were devotees of God. His devotion to Vitthal was going on from earlier. Now Siddheshwar was also seen every day. The atmosphere in the hut was peaceful.

Wicked people like Visobas and other miscreants in the village were giving them a lot of trouble. Vitthalpant was bearing everything naked. He had received the grace of God. He was not giving them distance.

Within a few days they had a son. There was joy in the house. There was poverty at home, but their hearts were rich. She was happily living in that condition. Days were coming and going. The boy was growing up. He named him Nivrithi. He never insisted in the house. Always looked happy. Nivrittinath became two years old, and after him Jnanadeva was born. Jnanadev means ocean of knowledge. To everyone’s surprise! No one can tell their greatness.

Sopan was born a few days after Jnandeva. Gradually it started to become fashionable. The two siblings began to laugh. There was more happiness in the house. Three stars were now shining in the house. After two years another moon came, to his companion! His sister – her name was Mukta! There were two people in the house. There are now six people. Two big and four small! But she was very good. He never gave trouble, he never made a fuss, he never insisted.

The situation at home was difficult. But Vitthalpant was determined. He begged for alms and Rukminiwai arranged for all. All the best to all. Everyone was satisfied. Children used to go to village. But the people looking at them were making fun of them! ‘Come and see, son of a hermit. The father left the house and came back again! No one should talk to those children’.

When the boys came near Vidyadharpant’s house, they heard his voice. They quickly come out and stop the boys. Telling the wife that the children have arrived. She also came out. She felt good seeing those bright children. Put something sweet on the hands of those children. The children were happy and she was also happy. When these children come home, they tell their parents about the whole incident.

Easy vitthal sketch

easy vitthal sketch images
easy vitthal sketch images

Munji’s thought

The children had grown up. Now Vitthalpant was thinking that they should be educated and taught the study of Vedas. Vitthalpant met the learned Brahmins of Alandi. He told them his thoughts. The Brahmins said, Sonnyasa’s children cannot be molested. There is no such right. Vitthalpant felt very sad. It occurred to him that he should leave Alandi and go on a pilgrimage. He told his plan to Rukmini. She got it too. Everyone took darshan of Siddheshwar. said hello The journey started after leaving Alandi. The whole journey had to be done on foot. Little children are not bored.

It rained a lot on the way. Trimbakeshwara- A cave was seen in the nearby mountains. Sari stopped there. Nivrittinath went straight to the cave. There was a monk doing penance. He saluted them. Sadhu put his hand on his head. For a moment or two, the head shook. He got new knowledge.That sadhu’s name was Gahininath! He said, As I gave you knowledge, you should give it to sant dnyaneshwar. He will give it to the world with his nectar. He will become a great saint. All the congregation stayed at Trimbakeshwar for a day or two and then came to Paithan.

Vitthalpant met the scholars there. Said your thoughts. But they also disappointed Vitthalpant. He also said that sons of Sannyasa have no right to Munji. Vitthalpant folded his hands and humbly said, What is the crime of children? Are they young? Apologize to me if you want, I will gladly accept it. If one shows the way of mercy, there will be blessings. The Karmath Brahmin exclaimed, ‘There is no mercy for such a sin, there is only one penance for it in the scriptures.’

Thinking that it would be good if we would take penance and become the sons of our children, he asked, Which Guru Maharaj? tell me I will take that atonement.With a serious and stern face, the chief priest said, Dehant Pryaschitta! Ending the body, dying! Not only you, but your wives too! Even after going to Paithan, they did not get the satisfaction they wanted.

Tough decision

Vitthalpant heard the decision of the Brahmins. They came home. He sat down with a sad heart. When his wife asked him, he told everything. She was scared. Vitthalpant was upset. Was thinking the same. I didn’t know what to do.

At last they were determined. He was very strict! Both you and your wife wanted to leave this world and take penance in our bodies. Young children had to be left behind, but he. There was no other solution. It’s night. The children were sleeping peacefully. Pant woke up his wife. Tell her your decision. She got it too. There was no use in not convincing.She moved the hand of love over the children’s head. Both came out. Prayag went to Ganga with heavy steps. Remembered God and both of them sacrificed their lives in the Ganges. It was all over.

It’s morning. The children woke up. But they did not see their parents. Nivritti closed his eyes. meditated He knew everything. He told dnyaneshwar, Sopan and Mukta about the swara type. Mukta started crying profusely. Gyan took her forward. Patted her back. She told everything with understanding. Sopana was being understood by Nivrittinath. The learned Pandits of Paithan came to know this news. One or two Pandits even went to meet those children. But they also did not know what to say.All the four boys stayed there for a few days. Madhukari brought retirement. He went out in the afternoon and went home at a certain time. Madhukari, who got from house to house, came home and fed the three. Only then would he eat the remaining food.

Each day was ending. Nivriti tells stories to brothers Mukta was very amused listening to the stories of Shri Krishna. And forget the bitter memories of the past.

Two miracles

If you look at any village, there are good people as well as bad people. Seeing those little children, some felt pity, while others laughed and made fun of them.

Gnanadeva was wise. Great minded. They used to consider this as ‘my home of the universe’. He was of the opinion that though the body of man is different, the soul is the same and so was his teaching. A thin and thin man asked, ‘You say that the soul is one, then if you whip one on the back, will you see his back?

Ho-ho! why not Will definitely look. Do you want to see?’ Gnanadeva asked politely. Meanwhile, a panakya was passing by. He used to carry it by filling it with water and putting it on the red. This young man called that panakya. Told him, ‘With the whip in your hand, give this redi four or five strong strokes. He – Panakya slapped Swarach on the back of his redya. But there was no turning on his back.

Then Dnyaneshwar said, ‘Now look at my back.’ He saw that there was a curve on the back of Jnandeva. The young man fell silent. He realized his mistake was In the meantime, a wave came to another person. he said, God, the soul is one, right? So can animals talk like we talk?’

Sant dnyaneshwar laughed at his question and said, ‘What’s the problem? Looking to experience? Meanwhile, a man was walking from the front with a Reda.The thief called the owner of the reda with the reda. As the man approached, he asked the Redya’s name. Redya’s owner said, His name is Hi Gyanya! Everyone started laughing when they heard that name. But Jnandeva was calm. He said, Wow! It’s a very nice name! On that he said to Twalakhor Jnandeva, First make him speak, then only we will accept your truth! Well, as you wish! Thus Gnanadeva approached Redya. He put his hand on his forehead. of Nivrittinath Remembered. Salutations were made and he started chanting Veda mantras. He stopped as a mantra and said to Redya, ‘Now show me that mantra!’

And what a surprise! He raised his reda neck down and started chanting that mantra in unison. All the people were amazed. Everyone was convinced of the wisdom of Gnandeva. This is not a simple man. Convinced that he is an incarnation of God. All bowed down to Jnanadev. He apologized. Such an ocean of knowledge! There was no end to his knowledge.

Brother-in-law (Bhaubij)

Everyone knows the festival of Bhaubij. It has been celebrated for a long time. It is still happening today and will continue to do so.It was going on even during the time of Dnyaneshwar. Diwali was being celebrated in every household. We consider this festival very popular among brothers and sisters! If the sister is in Pargawi, the brother goes to her house. Sister is happy to see her brother. She gives him sweet food. He waves with love. Brother waves to her. It is a wave in the form of money saree or any other thing she likes. She was happy. Which festival is Bhaubij? It is in the month, do you remember? This festival is held on the day of Kartik Shuddha Dwitiya! Dwitiya means second day. The second day is the seed.

In Muktabai’s mind, she wanted to have dinner today. She needed something to do that. Kahal means a wide earthen pot like a kadai. She went to the potter’s house to get it, but she couldn’t find it. It was Visoba who gave the potters such breath.

Mukta came home crying. She told everything to Gnanadada. He was well aware of Visoba’s wickedness, yet he remained calm. He said to Mukta, That’s all, Mukta? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your wish comes true. all of you get ready When that happens, then you on my back. Mande bhaj.’ She was surprised to hear her brother’s speech. ‘Hey grandfather, won’t you wash your back? Are you crazy? she asked her brother.Don’t worry, Mukta! You will see what will be fun.

Mukta made all the preparations. Jnanadev became one. Mukta prepared each manda and placed it on Dada’s back. It puffs up and roasts well. She prepared enough thighs for everyone. After that, Jnandeva said, ‘Mukta, look at my back! Looks burnt?’ She felt strange.

Visoba wanted to see what Mukta was doing now that she had not received anything. They came near Mukta’s hut. To see what she was doing, he peeped slowly into the hut through a crack and was shocked to see Mukta roasting his thighs on the back of Jnanadeva. It dissolved enough. Standing outside Visoba felt remorse for his bad behavior.

Without thinking back and forth, they entered the hut. Putting his head at the feet of Jnandeva, he said, I am wrong, I am wrong, Jnandeva! Forgive me. They started saying that. Mukta was a fool! She angrily said, ‘Why have you come here like a mule?’ Visoba saluted her and the other siblings. Nivriti asked her to keep quiet.Visoba’s wickedness was gone. He enjoyed the company of Jnanadevas. He was living under the name Visoba Khechar. He became so great that later Saint Namdev made him Guru.

Changdev Maharaj

Changdev Maharaj

At one end of Tapi River lived a Swami named Changdev. His fame was widespread. He had thousands of disciples. His ashram was near Puntambe village. Thousands of devotees from far and wide used to come for darshan every day. He tells them his problems. Swami was giving them coals. All their problems are solved.

Swami was more than a thousand years old. At first, seeing the grown beard, aged face and penetrating eyes, one was afraid. But his speech was very sweet. Changdev had heard the fame of Dnyaneshwar. He had heard of the miracles he had performed. He also wanted to see that all-rounder named Balayoga, to know what his knowledge is and how much he has, but the two had not yet met.

Changdev decided to write a letter to Dnyaneshwar. But However, they did not know how to start the letter. Whether to write Chiranjeev or Rajmanya, the doubt was gnawing in his mind.If Rajmanya is to be written, this boy is not suitable. If Chiranjiv is written, the knowledge is very great! Who has vocal superiority in education and age? The knot in the mind was not going away.

Finally Changdev took a big blank paper. Folded it properly. Put that watch in the pocket. Wallet closed. Gave it to the disciple. He took it and sent Alandi to Dnyaneshwar. The disciple left with the letter. Came to Alandi. Gnanadeva was questioned. came to their hut. That wallet by him Handed over to the Gods of Knowledge, Jnandeva opened the wallet and saw only a blank paper inside! He showed it to Nivrittinath. Sopana saw him. Then Mukta also saw it. She was a bit of a jerk.

She said, Kora, Kora! Changdev despite doing so much penance Remained like a blank paper!’ Nath said, ‘Shut up Thoravi. They are very superior.’ Mukta! You don’t know them Jnanadev was looking at Nath. Nath said, Gnana, it is not a blank paper! He has a pure mind in it. You give them the proper explanation.

Jnanadeva wrote sixty-five ovyas on the same paper within a short time. Showed to Nath. And sent that paper back. That Ova later became famous with the name ‘Changdev Pasashti’.The disciple who had taken the letter to Gnanadeva came back. He gave Jnandev’s letter to Swami. Swami read it calmly. He decided to see and meet this childish person in front of us! Some disciples also decided to judge and told the same to the disciples.

From Puntambe village, Changdev went to Alandi with his disciples and family on a tiger. His disciples were cheering him on the road. In the village on the way he was shouting. People were coming out of houses. Sarah was watching. He had never seen such a procession.

Changdev seated on a tiger. Holding a large live snake as a whip. The procession slowly through the streets was moving forward. Changdev was eager to meet Dnyaneshwar. At night, we had to stop at a village on the way. Many people were coming to see Changdev. Doing this, one day in the morning, the whole family came to Alandi. The news that Changdev was coming spread throughout the village. Many people were waiting for their arrival. No one had seen Changdev before. But many had heard his laukik. People felt blessed to see him.

Dnyaneshwar and his siblings were sitting on an abandoned wall at that time. It was a cold day. She was eating in the morning sun. Someone also told them that, ‘Changdev is coming to Alandi, riding on a tiger. Let’s go see them!’ ‘Nivrittinath was surprised to hear that. Why did this Mahayogi Aal-Dila get well? He said to Gnandeva, Come on, you too Let’s go and see them. Down from the northern wall. Jnandeva said, Dada, wait a little! Rather than walking, let’s go to meet them. Thus Jnandeva looked at Suryanarayana. He folded his hands and prayed earnestly. Lifeless walls, you take us all to meet the Lord.

and indeed, yes the wall began to move. Changdev’s fleet came to a stop. Next to the wall Changdeva saw from afar that it was moving and four young children were sitting on it, and he quickly got down. He greeted them all. Even those siblings saluted him! Changdev embraced Jnanadev. He bowed his head at his feet. He said, ‘Jnandeva, my pride is gone! the ego

It’s over! Today I realized your real thoravi. I was mistaken. Forgive me! Ego is perishable. Today I realized that true knowledge is the best. You are truly the best. Blessed is your life! You are going to do the real Lokoddhar, the satisfaction which I did not get after thousands of years of penance, I got today. I was blessed! My life has become a thank you!’

That abandoned wall in a new form is now visible to all. Devotees going to Alandi do not forget to see that wall and Dnyaneshwar and his siblings sitting on it.

A living tomb

Changdev went back from Alandi. They left after saying goodbye to all the four siblings. His ego was completely gone. He was convinced of the wisdom of Jnandeva. The knowledge of that child was great. Nivrittinath’s peace and his authority were also convinced. He appreciated the loyalty of these little children more than his thousands of years of penance. He had gained new knowledge by the darshan of Gnandeva.

After Changdev left, these four siblings decided to go to Pandharpur. Everyone started moving towards Pandharpur. Walk all day everyday. Stop at a village after dark. Stay in the temple. Rest all night. Their routine was to move on when the next day dawned. All came to Pandharpur after the journey. Landed in a Dharamshala. Wake up early in the morning, bathe in the moonlight,

His order was going on to see Vitthalarkhumai. At this time some more saints had gathered in Pandharpur. Savata Mali, Gora Kumbhar, Jani, Namdev and others were also saints. Time was spent in each other’s company. There was a discussion on Bhaktimarga. Bhajan and Kirtan were done. No one knew how the whole day would end. After leaving Pandharpur, they all visited some pilgrimage sites. The four siblings said goodbye to the others. After paying obeisance to Vitthalarkhumai, everyone returned to Alandi again.

Gnanadeva decided, I have done what I wanted to do. I don’t think I can do any more. Now bye everyone. I am going to feel more contented in taking Javant Samadhi. He told his thoughts to Nath, Nath knew the determined attitude of Gnandeva. It will be their decision No one could change. Nath allowed his thought. Looked at a place near Siddheshwar for Samadhi. The place was built properly. The day of burial was also fixed. It was the day, Kartik Vadya Trayodashi, Shaka 1218, Year 1296 Ha!

Lamps were lit in the Samadhi place, Dnyaneshwari Granth was placed in front of it. The aroma of incense was wafting. Many devotees had gathered to see the ceremony. Gnanadeva saluted Nath. Hugs Sopana. Mukta curled up with love. And they began to descend into the depths of their trance.

Mukta’s eyes were filled with tears. Sopana pulled her closer. She understood. He said, ‘This is not the time to cry, Muktai! We all want to say goodbye to Gyanudada with a smile. Let’s wipe our eyes first!’ Muktai held back her tears because of her brother’s affectionate words. Gnanadeva descended into the core of Samadhi and sat quietly on the mat. Hello everyone. By placing a stone at the entrance of the tomb, the entrance to the tomb was closed. Jnanadev held his breath. He was buried.

All the assembled devotees returned home with heavy steps. Nivrittinath and his siblings also came to the hut. Now there was a sense of uneasiness in the hut.

Jnanadeva was only twenty-one years old when he took samadhi! At the age of sixteen, he wrote the book Dnyaneshwari, this must be considered as an extraordinary revelation of wisdom and the determination of his young mind to take Samadhi alive at the age of twenty one.

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